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GCI Gemological Centers is an international network of Gemological Laboratories with branches in Israel, Thailand, Japan, India and Russia. All affiliates are equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated gemological devices, in order to provide the diamond, precious stones and jewelry industry services of the best scientific quality. The network plans to extend its range of activities to further states such as USA, Latin America, China and Dubai. Further expansion in additional industrial zones in India will be implemented soon.

GCI Gemological Centers operates under the rigid standards and regulations of AGL, GIA and WFDB. It is ISO 9001 registered company (International Standards Organization).

GCI Gemological Centers is committed to quality and reliability. This commitment reflects in the devoted, highly professional staff and the elaborated and sophisticated gemology laboratories. GCI Gemological Centers' main goal is to serve well all sectors of the industry – manufacturers, traders and consumers by authentically assessing and identifying diamonds, gemstones, jewelry and simulants. GCI's gem grading reports reflect the most accurate and detailed information regarding four C's, fancy color, fancy shapes and treatments.

In addition, GCI's Gemology College offers professional courses, taught by highly trained instructors, in a classroom equipped with the latest gemology equipment. During the courses the students receive an extensive theoretical knowledge, along with an intense and comprehensive practical training on stones of all shapes sizes and types. Successfully passing the Diamond Grading Course grants the student a worldwide accredited D.G. diploma (Diamond Grader).  Successfully passing all three courses grants the student a worldwide accredited G.G. diploma (Graduate Gemologist).